Save With CPR is a training program focused on high-quality and accessible training not nickel and diming students and instructors. Our instructors, students, and the public have unlimited and free access to all of our course materials. We invite everyone to learn life saving CPR and first aid. If you don’t need to issue certificates our videos and course can be taught anywhere for no cost.

Learning Save With CPR

Student Manual

The student manual breaks down all of our modules and walks you through our courses in conjunction with our course videos. If you’re looking for something specific feel free to use this websites search function.

Verify Certificate

Already learned? Use our verify certificate portal to access a copy of your already issued certificate of completion

Course Videos

Access our course videos to watch any combination of our courses.

Teaching Save With CPR

New Instructor Training Video

New instructors are encouraged to watch this video on being a Save With CPR instructor.

Training Equipment

Read our article on training equipment to see what equipment is required to teach, and to reuse equipment you may already have!

Instructor Manual

Instructors need to be familiar with our course content as well as instructional methodologies and how to properly manage and teach a Save With CPR course.

Assessment Tools

Part of certifying a student in Save With CPR is verifying their hands on skill ability. Utilize the appropriate assessment tools to help secure students in their abilities.

Refund Policy

Our subscription operates on a month-to-month basis, and you may cancel at any time. However, we do not issue or permit refunds. Upon cancellation, your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle.

This policy is in place to prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of our certification process. It prevents situations where instructors might sign up, issue certificates, and then cancel and request refunds. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Instructor Portal

Access to issue your course completion certificates. This portal is also where you sign up to become an instructor.